Saturday, 28 January 2012

I Rep: Britain

  • I rep team GB , the Blue for the burly Scots, the White for the fiery English and the Red for the country that gave us the voice of an Angel - the Welsh.
  • I rep London where the young die early over insignificant postcode wars and has us bemoaning about the youth of today.
  • I rep Black Britsh African on the census which confuses me as am not sure who I should be repping the most: the British or the African. Thank God for dual nationality so I dont have to choose, I just try and reconcile the two.
  • I rep Her Majesty the Queen who brings in the dollar dollar bills y'all in the form of tourists who help keep our economy afloat (well just about). Well done Your Majesty, you cleverly crafted advertising goldmine.
  • I rep the English language, which is the business lanaguage of the world. It will get you very far in this globalised world of ours. I bet that even in Outer Mongolia they speak English, so why bother learning new languages (oh the arrogance of the Brits).
  • I rep the British government. Well not really since I did not vote for the Conservative to be in charge and neither did the British public. Well alas DEMOCRACY is a bitch! ( you didn't win a majority).
  • Lastly, I rep English brekkies, cos its delicious and nutritious. WHAT! its not nutritious. Is that why everyone is going fat. FAT BRITAIN

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