Tuesday, 20 July 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog That Is The Question!

Sooooooooooo I haven't written anything for a couple of days been mad busy running errands and generally lying in my bed stuck down with the dreaded cold. So now that i'm ill it seemed liked the right time to slow down and write something, anything just something.

I'm bored being at home all the time at least when I was at uni I had some sort of routine but now that I have finally graduated I find that the days are just so long and meaningless. I really should try and do something each day like exercise, apply for jobs or something... something.... random totally unexpected but what.

My nose hurts it's all congested I cant really think properly I breathing like Darth Vader it's not very pretty. So I think for today am going to lie here and be lazy and maybe tomorrow inspiration shall hit me and I will be back to blog another day.

Monday, 12 July 2010


Soooo the Wedding is OVER. was fantastic and i'm very proud to have a new bro in law.

I'm knackered, my bones are creaking, hangover ,need sleep but extremely happy that everything went well.

There where a couple of speed bumps along the way but we overcame them as a family, well done to all of us.


There's no rest for the wicked because on Wednesday I am on my way to Brum land i.e. Birmingham for those of you that don't know, to finally get on stage and get my degree.

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH Graduation day here I come. It has been a long 4 years and its finally going to be over.

Exciting stuff :)


WHOOP WHOOP (thumbs up)

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Going to the Chapel and We're Gonna Get Married

So this time next week I shall be the only un-married women in my family. I should highlight that I mean my immediate family. Things are not that drastic just yet.

Both my sisters will now be someones other half - whilst I will remain the property of my parents.

Its actually quite daunting to know I will be the 'SPINSTER' of the family. Not exactly a title that I relish. I loathe the word spinster but alas that is what I shall be. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

On the other hand I am the youngest girl so its only right that both my sisters are betrothed before me as it would go against type right...
Weddings in general are a lot of hassle as I am slowly but surely finding out. It's one big headache after another. One big explosion of colour scheme and seating charts and please don't get me started on 'The DRESS'. Wow I never realised how one dress can dictate the whole outcome of one's future.

'The Dress' must be 'The Right Dress' it must be 'The Perfect dress'. It has to be all these things and then some. One morsel of fabric out of place and world war 3 starts.

If this is what I have to look forward to then maybe I should be thankful that it isn't my wedding just yet. I refuse to turn into a bridezilla which is what all women become once they put a ring on it.

Above the Law

A lot of celebs seem to think that they are above the law and can do whatever , whenever and its not going to catch up to them ... Well think again Ms Lohan cos your going to prison 90 days to be exact.

If it was any 'normal' individual being charged with the crimes that Ms lohan has commited , they would most probably have got a more severe sentencing than 90 days.
Lindsay Lohan Taken 11/2/2011
But we all know the world is not fair.

She'll most likely spend a few days maybe a week in prison before she is released (think back to Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie).

So even though your off to jail Lindsey I wouldn't cry about it. You'll be out in no time.


Christian Louboutin

My love for Louboutins is inexplicable. Although I cannot yet afford these beauties with their tantalising red soles I yearn for them like never before.
The craftmenship of every Christian Louboutins shoe is just extraordinary. To own a pair will simply be divine.

If anyone is at a loss as to what to get me for graduation then look no further than these. Yes they will probably set you back 400-1000 pound but is my love not worth it.

To quote Fergie '' Mary Janes' Lyrics (substituted Mary Janes for louboutins)
When I wear - my Louboutins shoes
I can escape - from a blues
The whole world seems a little bit brighter, brighter
My heavy steps get a little bit lighter, lighter.

Wooh my Louboutins's

Mr Songz

Okay anyone that knows me knows that I am an avid fan of Trey Songz. Dunno why I like him so much but I did prefer him more when he was first entered the scene and released 'I gotta make it'

Now that he has the recognition that he has worked hard for I find that each day my love for his music is not as strong as before. I'm not sure why...... maybe its because I wanted to keep him all to myself instead of sharing him with the world. But ... such is life.

He is a very good artist and his got a good musical ear. He has however started to get a bit too repetitive for my liking. Yes SEX is all around us but can we please get the Trey back who tapped into throwback soul and stole my heart in I Gotta Make it.


Trey Day and Ready were very good albums......
But Trey you dont have to lose your old skool appeal in order to go Global.
Keep doing your thing. I respect your hustle nonetheless.

Trey Groupie :)

The Misfortunes Begins

Well so now I have a blog where I can vent and finally let out my true feelings. It has been a whirlwind couple of months of highs and low and all that malarkey. Sometimes I really do feel like the unluckiest person in the world. I have never particularly gotten everything I wanted..... yeah I got good grades and stuff but how much is a piece of paper really worth if you haven't truly lived.

I once quoted from Maya Angelou that I knew why the caged birds sings but in all honesty I do not have any clue. I think I am still figuring it out, trying to find my identity, ME.

I know who I  think I am but I aspire to be soooo much more.  I'm hopeful that it will all come to me in good time.

But alas ... this blog is not about me getting all philosophical and stuff. It's just a way for me to express myself and air out my feeling about anything from Clothes - Boys, Family - Friend anything that I am feeling at the specific moment in time when I decide to pick up my laptop and BLOG .

So if you like - tune in if not buzz off this is not for you LOL

Jaybee signing off . Over and Out.