Tuesday, 20 August 2013

****** All That Glitters ******

I long to write stories about rainbows, sunshine and stars and find myself swirling in the mythical light of happiness.
However, I would just be deluding myself because I know that ‘All that glitters isn’t gold.’

gold cast barI want to bask in the warm glow of my niece’s laughter, my nephew’s wit and their childlike innoncence. Surrender myself to their naviety and their fearless approach. Then off home I go to immerse myself in a warm bath of milk and honey, purging my temple from this light. But alas ‘All that glitters isn’t gold’.

Gold is a rarity these days.  Turn on the TV and you will see all these cash for gold adverts highlighting a turning point in the tides. A swift annihiliation of the sparkly precious metal which makes my fingers glow.
gold cast bar
I want to run back in time, -way back in time when candy floss, pink and my little pony dominated my world....

Who am I kidding?
Gold was as lost to me then as it is now.
My precious. 
The one ring to unite as all.
But hey ‘all that glitters isn’t gold’.
Nevertheless, I will still live my life like its golden!