Tuesday, 31 August 2010

@ I hate Kat Stacks

For those of you who do not know who the hell Kat Stacks is... well your in luck I am here to inform you about the latest industry bike that has been around the block more times than DMX has been arrested.

Kat Stacks is trying to be 2010 new Superhead aka Karrine Steffans . Superhead is a video ho (excuse my derogatory language but a spade is a spade and a video ho is a video ho), who became famous for being the master at all things oral hence the moniker superhead. I guess this is who Kat stacks is trying to emulate.

If you want to see how Kat Stacks looks like then just google her lol

Kat stacks looks like she needs a well deserved shower and church in her life.

Now I digress..... fast forward a few months and Ms Stacks is the new IT girl on all the blogs. This old bird claims to have been with half of Young Money (you really wanna claim them. okay den), Fabolous, Bow Wow and just recently she extended her 15 minutes of fame by allegedly stepping out with the lyrical genius himself Soulja Boy. She filmed him in a hotel room with some sort of white substance that we are led to believe is coke. So Soulja Boy might be a coke head who knows.
xxl 50 cent + soulja boy
(This pic right here is a shambles)

Now we all know that some rappers nowadays are not the sharpest tool in the box BUT seriously even after all the noise that has been surrounding Kat Stacks rappers are still trying to get into her knickers. They must be paying her for publicity or something because I can't understand why anyone would want to even go near this rotting pigeon.

Her Twitter name says it all really: twitter.com/ihatekatstacks, obviously she has no love for herself and thinks that sleeping around is the only way that she can stack paper. She seems like a lost little girl who really needs supportive people round her to slap some sense into her, sit her down and explain to her the meaning of dignity and self-love.

For any girl/women reading this, please do not follow the example of Ms Stacks, YOU are worth so much more and there are other more dignified ways of making money then selling yourself to the highest bidder. For all you RAPPERS or MEN out there please get it a clue, if not then be sure to WRAP it up before going near Kat Stacks.



  1. 1st shes soooo ugly (God please forgive me for saying this) and 2nd some gals a re saying that ppl shud feel sorry for her because of the way shes been treated by men ... plz this BEACH puts herself out there I think (some) men will be dogs (no offence) but women should not allow it but she is allowing it which makes her a prostitute F^^kn her way to fame she doesn't even speak good English wtf .... shes just eeeeeewwwwwwwwww .... apparently she has a son .....

  2. does she have a child??? hopefully she is a good mother but she really needs to rethink her lifestyle cos that type of behaviour is not good. Lol irene you make me laugh she doesnt speak good english lmao. yeah its true she kinda just mumbles.

  3. i don't think she knows where her son is i have read on some other blogs i don't even know the story behind that one (smh)