Saturday, 14 April 2012

What do you want to be in the future?

Spring 2012 Retailing Career Fair
This question seems innocuous enough, relatively harmful even, but really it's a minefield - filled with booby traps ready to cut you up within seconds. It's a strange and puzzling question. One that I have been asked many times and yet, I am still unable to give a concrete answer.

Why should I just limit myself to one particular field, unless it's something really specialised like medicine or engineering, of which neither interests me. I want to do everything!

Maybe this answer is far too broad but I really don't know want I want. I'm a lost sheep.

Yesterday I wanted to be a high flying business women, today I want to be a writer, maybe tomorrow I'll be an actress. The world is my oyster. Isn't this what people say? Then why do so many people want to  box me in.

It is this indecision which has me discombobulated and doubting myself.
Must I really choose? Can't I have it all?

Does anyone really know what they want today let alone tomorrow.

I'm I really alone in this thinking?

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