Saturday, 28 January 2012

I Rep: Britain

  • I rep team GB , the Blue for the burly Scots, the White for the fiery English and the Red for the country that gave us the voice of an Angel - the Welsh.
  • I rep London where the young die early over insignificant postcode wars and has us bemoaning about the youth of today.
  • I rep Black Britsh African on the census which confuses me as am not sure who I should be repping the most: the British or the African. Thank God for dual nationality so I dont have to choose, I just try and reconcile the two.
  • I rep Her Majesty the Queen who brings in the dollar dollar bills y'all in the form of tourists who help keep our economy afloat (well just about). Well done Your Majesty, you cleverly crafted advertising goldmine.
  • I rep the English language, which is the business lanaguage of the world. It will get you very far in this globalised world of ours. I bet that even in Outer Mongolia they speak English, so why bother learning new languages (oh the arrogance of the Brits).
  • I rep the British government. Well not really since I did not vote for the Conservative to be in charge and neither did the British public. Well alas DEMOCRACY is a bitch! ( you didn't win a majority).
  • Lastly, I rep English brekkies, cos its delicious and nutritious. WHAT! its not nutritious. Is that why everyone is going fat. FAT BRITAIN

Thursday, 26 January 2012

I Rep: Angola

  • Flag AngolaFlag AngolaFlag AngolaFlag AngolaFlag AngolaFlag Angola
  • I rep the Red and Black flag with the star for the people and the sickle for the harvest.
  • I rep the heroes of the 4th of February who signed our Independence and freed us from bondage.
  • I rep the Bakongo and Catete people whose culture and identity I wear today as a badge of honour.
  • I rep Kizomba, Kuduro, Semba and all the other great Lusophonic genre of music that has me jumping of my seat to embrace another in a sensual dance.
  • I rep Uige and Luanda for my mother and father and for those who came before them. But most importantly I rep Luanda for being my home for the first five years of my life. I may not remember all the good times we shared, but I remember you nonetheless.
  • I rep my mother, father, sisters and brothers for without you Jay Bee would not be the strong and determined women who stands (or writes) before you today.
  • I rep Portuguese - Angola's official language. My true one was stolen a long time ago replaced with the language of our conquerers. Nonetheless I embrace it for I cannot change our history.
  • Lastly, I rep Mother Africa especially the people who shed blood for you, cried for you, toiled the land for you and to this day continue to pay homage to you
  • Flag AngolaFlag AngolaFlag AngolaFlag AngolaFlag AngolaFlag Angola.
TIA - This Is Africa

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Hi my name is Jay Bee and I am an online Shopaholic.
*everyone says welcome Jay Bee*

My problem started in my first year of Uni when my friend (she knows who she is) introduced me to the fabulous site known as ASOS. I. Could. Not. Get. Enough. I was hooked.

As you may or may not know I am kinda lazy so to be able to shop in the comfort of my own home is Bliss. With just the click of a button and Open Seasame..... Clothes at the ready. I am now in Cyber heaven.

No longer do I have to put with arrogant shoppers, lazy checkout assistant and trawl through racks and racks of clothes to find the perfect outfit. Instead I can refine my search, even pick the colours I want and et voila my search is complete and MY dress is there just waiting for me to put in in my basket. CLICK!
Ceiling Cat Debit Card
My addiction was further fuelled by student loan and More magazine. I had income at my disposal and a magazine that showed me all the wonderful clothers and sites that I could purchase from. This widened my field of vision. No longer was a slave to ASOS, I  could now go on to, Misguided, Superlooks and many other great sites.

My basket is never empty even though my bank balance is depleting fast.

The clothes call out to me, they goad me into buying them. They say JB buy me, buy me, BUY ME!!! how can I resist. They beg and plead until am sucked in.

The Devil makes work for idle hands...... and soon enough, without me realising I proceed to checkout. CLICK!

Damn I have done it again. £40 down the drain plus postage and packages at £3.95. I should expect my items in 3-5 days and with that I am over the moon.

clothes [761]
I proceed to Log Out. CLICK!

My name is Jay Bee and I need help. Fast!

ps follow me on Twitter @thejaybeeshow TWEET TWEET
Twitter Bird

~ Just Let Your Soul Glo ~

 If you are confused by the title that can only mean one thing - you have never seen Coming to America. Shame. On. You.
It's  a classic Movie! Eddie murphy at his finest. I definitely recommend that you pop by to your local Blockbuster (not sure if people  still do that) or just click the movie title above- sit back and enjoy.

Moving swiftly on, despite what the title may suggest, I am not by any means trying to bring back the Jheri curl. It just hints at my desire to acheieve an afro. Yep I said it an AFRO. I am going natural - meaning that I am weaning myself off the creamy crack (relaxer*) and going back to my natural roots. My kinky, coily, curly texture.

Well at the moment I am tranisitoning - growing out my relaxer. The picture below show my re-growth coming through and my relaxed tresses are just hanging in there lifelessly untill am ready to chop them off.

When I finally decide that I am ready to 'BIG CHOP' (natural hair speak, seriously it has its own language), then my hair shall be transformed into this.......(after a while of course)   CANNOT WAIT!!!
PS Here's a nice little starter pack from Natural Hair Community to get you started :

Friday, 13 January 2012

Lyrical Nonsense (Part 2)

"Yellow diamonds in the light" - We Found Love by Rihanna
Say what?????? What does that actually mean?
SATB Choral Music

"She makes me wanna Oh oh oh oh oh oh" - She Makes Me Wanna by JLS
I guess the songwriter(s) could not be bothered when it came to writimg proper lyrics so the "oh oh oh" is just there to distract us from what is a sub-par pop tune.

"Me not working hard? Yeah, right, picture that with a Kodak Or better yet, go to Times Square Take a picture of me with a Kodak" - Give me Everything by Pitbull
*Blink Blink*  Blantant product placement and it's not very clever either :(

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else. The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed" - What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
Who wrote these lyrics 5 year olds? Yes, I know they appeal to the teen market but come on "the way you flip your hair gets me overhelmed" REALLY.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Stuff People Say

I have recently come across these videos by way of Twitter (thanks Twit Fam) and thought I should share my favourites ones. The clips are all parodies of the popular viral videos "Shit Girls Say".  Many variations of these videos exist and they deal with all types of subject matters from Race, Relationship,Weight etc. So check them out!

I guarantee that you will Tear up and Pee your pants (satisfaction guranteed or get your money back)

Enjoy and LOL!

1. Shit Black Guys Say

Favourite Quotes:  "I killed that shit. I murked that shit. oh shit i dropped some shit! , "you textin me?... lemme check.......nah didn't get it"

2. Shit Black Girls Say

Favourite Quotes: "Delete, Delete, Delete" , "Oooooooh Basketball Wives is on"... I was slayed at the weave pat LMAO

3. Shit Nigerian People Say

Favourite Quotes: "Going on Book Face" ,"  "She can't even warm simple hot water bath"

Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Wait Is Over... The Watch the Throne Heir Has Finally Arrived!

I present to you:


Beyoncé - 4 (Deluxe Edition)
(IV roman numeral for 4 = IVY)
jay z blueprint Pictures, Images and Photos

Jigga Man and King Bey have finally welcomed a new arrival - the birth of their first child the   uniquely named Blue Ivy Carter. The name may sound like an air freshner or a cool cocktail from that swanky bar you like to visit on Friday night, but there is no denying that the birth of this child is EPIC!!!

We are all looking forward to that first baby pic hoping that Baby Blue looks more like mama than papa. Fingers crossed and toes aswell, just in case :-o

Being the child of the King of Hip Hop and the Queen of RnB is not going to be easy but am show lil Bluey will cope (see I have already given her a cute nickname). If anything, she could always ask uncle Kanye how to deal with the fame, he handles it oh so well.

>Bartender I will take a Smirnoff Ice and Two Blue Ivys to go

So here's to you Blue Ivy Carter. Bottoms up!

New Year Resolutions

Yes Yes I know everybody always outlining their New Year Resolutions and they never stick to them, well I am going to do my best to stand by mines. So without further ado here they go:

1)Write more frequently
2)Update my Blog more often
3)Stop being so afraid and doubting myself all the time
4)Confidence, Confidence, Confidence
5)Be more proactive (take that as you wish)
6)Explore the world - took a trip to Japan in 2011 which was just the most amazing trip ever, hence why I need to explore this earth of ours just a lil bit more.
7)Stop procastinating - do what i need to do today and not put it off for tomorrow (cos you know that means I will never do it)
8)Grab life with both hands - Life is indeed too short
9)Be more creative
10)Laugh more

What are some of your New Year Resolutions?