Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Wait Is Over... The Watch the Throne Heir Has Finally Arrived!

I present to you:


Beyoncé - 4 (Deluxe Edition)
(IV roman numeral for 4 = IVY)
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Jigga Man and King Bey have finally welcomed a new arrival - the birth of their first child the   uniquely named Blue Ivy Carter. The name may sound like an air freshner or a cool cocktail from that swanky bar you like to visit on Friday night, but there is no denying that the birth of this child is EPIC!!!

We are all looking forward to that first baby pic hoping that Baby Blue looks more like mama than papa. Fingers crossed and toes aswell, just in case :-o

Being the child of the King of Hip Hop and the Queen of RnB is not going to be easy but am show lil Bluey will cope (see I have already given her a cute nickname). If anything, she could always ask uncle Kanye how to deal with the fame, he handles it oh so well.

>Bartender I will take a Smirnoff Ice and Two Blue Ivys to go

So here's to you Blue Ivy Carter. Bottoms up!

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