Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Stuff People Say

I have recently come across these videos by way of Twitter (thanks Twit Fam) and thought I should share my favourites ones. The clips are all parodies of the popular viral videos "Shit Girls Say".  Many variations of these videos exist and they deal with all types of subject matters from Race, Relationship,Weight etc. So check them out!

I guarantee that you will Tear up and Pee your pants (satisfaction guranteed or get your money back)

Enjoy and LOL!

1. Shit Black Guys Say

Favourite Quotes:  "I killed that shit. I murked that shit. oh shit i dropped some shit! , "you textin me?... lemme check.......nah didn't get it"

2. Shit Black Girls Say

Favourite Quotes: "Delete, Delete, Delete" , "Oooooooh Basketball Wives is on"... I was slayed at the weave pat LMAO

3. Shit Nigerian People Say

Favourite Quotes: "Going on Book Face" ,"  "She can't even warm simple hot water bath"

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