Wednesday, 25 January 2012

~ Just Let Your Soul Glo ~

 If you are confused by the title that can only mean one thing - you have never seen Coming to America. Shame. On. You.
It's  a classic Movie! Eddie murphy at his finest. I definitely recommend that you pop by to your local Blockbuster (not sure if people  still do that) or just click the movie title above- sit back and enjoy.

Moving swiftly on, despite what the title may suggest, I am not by any means trying to bring back the Jheri curl. It just hints at my desire to acheieve an afro. Yep I said it an AFRO. I am going natural - meaning that I am weaning myself off the creamy crack (relaxer*) and going back to my natural roots. My kinky, coily, curly texture.

Well at the moment I am tranisitoning - growing out my relaxer. The picture below show my re-growth coming through and my relaxed tresses are just hanging in there lifelessly untill am ready to chop them off.

When I finally decide that I am ready to 'BIG CHOP' (natural hair speak, seriously it has its own language), then my hair shall be transformed into this.......(after a while of course)   CANNOT WAIT!!!
PS Here's a nice little starter pack from Natural Hair Community to get you started :

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