Thursday, 26 January 2012

I Rep: Angola

  • Flag AngolaFlag AngolaFlag AngolaFlag AngolaFlag AngolaFlag Angola
  • I rep the Red and Black flag with the star for the people and the sickle for the harvest.
  • I rep the heroes of the 4th of February who signed our Independence and freed us from bondage.
  • I rep the Bakongo and Catete people whose culture and identity I wear today as a badge of honour.
  • I rep Kizomba, Kuduro, Semba and all the other great Lusophonic genre of music that has me jumping of my seat to embrace another in a sensual dance.
  • I rep Uige and Luanda for my mother and father and for those who came before them. But most importantly I rep Luanda for being my home for the first five years of my life. I may not remember all the good times we shared, but I remember you nonetheless.
  • I rep my mother, father, sisters and brothers for without you Jay Bee would not be the strong and determined women who stands (or writes) before you today.
  • I rep Portuguese - Angola's official language. My true one was stolen a long time ago replaced with the language of our conquerers. Nonetheless I embrace it for I cannot change our history.
  • Lastly, I rep Mother Africa especially the people who shed blood for you, cried for you, toiled the land for you and to this day continue to pay homage to you
  • Flag AngolaFlag AngolaFlag AngolaFlag AngolaFlag AngolaFlag Angola.
TIA - This Is Africa


  1. OMG no way are you half Angolan? me to I rep Angola all the way Kizomba, kuduro semba hahah awesome :) x beautiful post <3

    1. I am 100% Angolan but been living in the Uk since I was really little.
      I love all of our tunes we are getting better with time, Kizomba is the way forward lol

      btw love your blog your style is amazing. African Swagger!