Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Lyrical Nonsense

"Its mister steal yo girl" - Bottoms up by Trey Songz
REALLLY. Trey *blank stare*

SATB Choral Music
"Have a baby by me; baby. Be a millionaire " - Baby by me by 50 Cent
huh okay then. You rappers can't complain that the girl tried to trap you. Look at Nas situation, kelis is taking him to the cleaners.

"Teach me how to dougie" - Teach me how to dougie by Califonia Swag District
The whole song is WACK. The dance is SHAMBOLIC. Can we get back to making real music again. I blame Soulja Boy for this movement.

"This right here is my swag. All the girls are on me, damn. Everybody pay attention.
This right here is my pretty boy swag"
- Pretty boy swag by Soulja Boy
The lyrical genius himself, Mr pretty boy lol. I can't lie the song is bloody catchy, but the lyrics are virtually non-existent. I guess Soulja Boy was to busy with Kat Stacks after all "Girls on my dick when I pretty boy swag" LMAO


  1. i actually hated Souljah boys one but after BET kept showing it on 106&park i started liking its funny tho have you heard Ciara's version???

    i enjoy listening to my Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong now :) that is good music

  2. lol i forgot to add that Trey Songz's tune is shit he needs to go back to school singing is not for him ...Soulja boy is just stupid and he cant even explain what the song means but he knows it just that he cant just can say it on tv ...

  3. Although I don't personally like the Bottom up tune, I can see why Trey released it. Its a Club song and people will go nuts over it. And yes Rene Trey can actually sing.