Sunday, 5 February 2012

Say What????????

Ever catch yourself saying some weird expressions of phrases that you picked up from your friends or some random individuals and it gets you scratching your head thinking HUH? Where did that come from? Damn now I can't stop saying them. GRRRRR. Well here I come to add some new phrases for your dictionary courtsey of friends, family and the world wide web.
    Black Speech Bubbles
  1. Hell 2 Da No! - self explanatory it just means NO not going to happen or I don't think so.
  2. Bargain Kama Sutra - when you bag yourself a bargain. I know its random, I have very random friends.
  3. Fuck a Duck - now am not sure where I picked this one from but its one of my go to phrases whenever I am angry or upset or whatever
  4. Thousandaire - Thanks to Luvvie (click on her name to check out her hilarious blog). Before you become a millionaire you need to be a thousandaire.
  5. Nignorance -self explanatory not sure where I got it from
  6. Am I Dumb - used when someone is trying to take you for a mug.
  7. That's whats Up! - Amercanism, gotta love the Yanks
  8. No Homo, Pause - use this when you're complimenting someone of the same sex i.e "girl you look  good no homo"
  9. Swag - oldie but a goodie. Swag can literally mean anything you want it to mean, be it good or bad.
  10. Fine Boy/Girl No Pimple (delete as appropraite) - for a sexy brother or sister you may come across or even yourself.

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