Thursday, 9 February 2012

Freedom is Coming Tomorrow

Ever heard the expression ‘Freedom is Coming Tomorrow’, like Sarafina said ‘Get Ready Prepare for Your Freedom’.
They teach us that we are free, yet how can we truly be free when we are forever constrained, bound, trapped, coerced to live by their rules.
Governed by their culture, driven by misconception, abhorred by their people.
Years of struggle and toil and still we are taught that we are beneath them.

You may think I’m talking about the white man,
But you would be wrong.
Once again your prejudice shines through.
But what I’m I talking about.
Why don’t you tell me?

If we were really free.
Truly free to express our individualities and views.
Then free your mind and tell me this.
Why did you think this poem was addressed to the white man and not to you?

by Jay Bee

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