Thursday, 16 February 2012


"Holiday, celebrate .If we took a holiday yeah .Took some time to celebrate ,Just one day out of life
It would be ,It would be so nice" Madonna -Holiday

BarbadosHere we are!I really need a holiday. I need some time away to get some much needed perspective. I feel stuck in a rut and just need to go somewhere fresh and recuperate. It has been  a really difficult time for me, as of late, so much has been happening that I just want to escape. Run away for a few weeks or even a month. Doesn't matter whether it's somewhere sunny or cold as long as I am out of the country - chasing the blues away.

Here are my favourite places that I want to visit:
    Thailand flag puerto rico capitol and flagZambiaJamaica
  • USA - New york to be specific. I love New York. Everyone knows that.
  • Brasil - Hot country with Hot people, what more could you want.
  • Puerto Rico/ Cuba - I have Latin fever. I don't mind which one as both are as appealing as each other.
  • Zambia - to experience the Victoria Falls. My friend won't stop going on about it, now she has me wanting to go.
  • Thailand - All the Gap year kids go there, I want to see what all the fuss is about.
  • Barbados/ Jamaica - I have friends from both countries who want to take me around their islands. 

Pátria Amada BrasilUSA Flag

So there you have it, my list.  I hope to go to at least one this year. But first I need to stack up the money.
I need racks on racks on racks, racks.

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