‘The sun is on my side and takes me for a ride. I smile to the sky. I know I will be alright’ – Pocketful of sunshine (Natasha Bedingfield)

1.       Laughter – Unhibitted, freeing, comforting, piercing my armour- soothing my soul from within.
2.       Breathing – Waiting to exhale. Slow warm breath heats my skin- in out in out. I’m still alive.
3.       Touch - The feel of skin on skin, leaving fingerprints on my heart, making a blueprint of my soul. Tingling sensation. Oh what a feeling. Embracing another heart - letting me know that I will never walk alone.
4.       Attitude- each step taken marks another turn in the road with every stride strengthening my resolve. Keep walking. Keep hoping.
5.       Scars –Imprint themselves deeply on my skin. Fading away with time. Reminds me that nothing is permanent. My scars are me. 

This is what makes me beautiful :)