Monday, 4 October 2010

X Factor - Ramblings

- WHAT Cheryl you choose the Madonna wannabe over Gamu. she didn't even finish her song WTF 

- DANNII how could you not put Paige through. The only good person you have is the Italian Diva. You shall not win :( 

- I think Cheryl will win again cos she got Cher and everyone thinks she's different cos she into the lyrical genius himself Soulja boy and everyone like oooooooh she is sooo amazing

- .Ha ha Simon you put two of your creation through to the group stages. Don't actually know why the other people bothered to audition to be fair

- The judges clearly are judging on looks more so than performance.

- Cher please re-draw your eyebrows. The one that you have currently doodled on your face is begging for MERCY

- Madonna Wannabe - Your style is not authentic , give it up already your trying too hard. That umbrella just annoyed the heck out of me. Go sit down somewhere.

- Cheryl those boots you had on your feet were simply disgusting. You should know better.

- X factor has really annoyed me with some of the choices.

- Simon Cowell is a genius , Saturday's X Factor is going to be the highest rated show ever mark my words. Its probably all staged 

- Twist - We all know what that means...... Gamu or Treyc will be back

- Mr Cowell will be rolling in dough come Saturday. Everybody will be watching the X factor. This show is so staged, the producers are amazing!!


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