Friday, 24 September 2010

My Love Letter to the 90s

You know how everyone always claims that their decade was the best like oh the 60s was really swinging, oh and the 70s was groovy baby and the 80s was booming....... well the 90s was off the chain!

The 90s was electric, rocking, swinging, grooving and all other colloquiums that you can enunciate. The 90s was truly one of the best decades ever. It marked the start of what I feel is the true technological revolution. We had the cassette-based Walkman, the big ass mobiles, Sega Mega Drive, emails and all other cool gadgets. The science and technology of the 1990’s  paved the way for the lifestyle that we take for granted today.
As a 90s baby I must say that it was simply one of the best time of my life. I was young,wild and carefree. I was oblivious to the the burden of life. A Wily kid with no worries , no cares , only interested in playing stuck in the mud or British bulldog. Playtime was epic! and school dinners was the highlight of the day. This was before Jamie Oliver came and ruined school dinner for ever (some of you may disagree but school dinners must really suck now ).

The 90s was the dawn of a new era. Great music, films and fashion faux pas.
Who remembers using the relaxer tape from the Just for Me relaxer to record the latest songs off the radio? I would run so fast to press record on that tape player that Usain Bolt had nothing on me. Whenever one of my songs came on the Just for Me tape was always ready to go, only for the stupid DJ to ruin my tune by talking over the damn song. KMT.  I would have to start from square one and wait another hour for the song to come on again so I could record it without his voice tarnishing it . *sighs* Life of a 90s child all play no work.

The 90s music was real music, not like that fake ringtone mess that qualifies as music nowadays. Artist actually sang with emotions in their voice ( I should say that they could actually hold a note unlike some ahem *Rihanna*). It was not about the bling bling or kissing girls because they liked it..... although I secretly jam to this tune. It was about emoting your feelings and singing over a kick ass beat.The 90s gave us Jodeci, Boys 2 Men,The Spice Girls, Mary J Blige, 3T my first celeb crush... Taj was the lick he was TIC (90s slang for gorgeous). It was a simpler time back then , people were actually in love and did not rush to do the horizontal conga. But nowadays we just get straight to the point right " I'm into having sex, I ain't into making love . So come give me a hug if you into getting rubbed". Ahhh the joys of dating in the Millenium LOL

I remember rocking skirt with trousers, bubble bags, platform shoes, pedal pushers  and all sorts of stuff that should have had me arrested for crimes against fashion. But no-one really cared in those days. it was all about having fun with your style and expressing yourself. We have the Spice Girls to thank for that. GIRL POWER!

oooooooh  I  must digress i'm too excited. The 90s had the best kids TV shows. I would literally run home from school to catch CBBC and CITV and tune into Arthur, Hey Arnold, Goosebumps, Are you afraid of the dark , I could go on and on but am sure you would get bored eventually. Back then kids TV show was innovative, fresh, exciting, and dare I say it... Watchable. Nowadays kids TV has gone down the drain. Bring back FUNHOUSE *sings theme tune*

Fresh Prince, Hang Time, Saved by the Bell, Student Bodies, City High...... all my fave TV shows that made me feel grown up and taught me about the birds and the bees. You helped ease my transition from a child into a teenager.

The 90s I salute you! I am honoured to have been born in this great decade. Where's all my 1990s babies at: 
' Throw your roadies in the sky .Wave 'em side to side and keep their hands high'

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